2021 Impact

We are so thankful for the good that we were able to accomplish with our amazing artisans this year.  Looking back on the year, we have some exciting numbers to share!  

It can't be said enough-- we are only able to do this work because customers like you make intentional purchases, choosing to buy goods that make a positive impact.  Your orders add up and impact lives. 
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
IN 2021 WE:
2021 Impact Report Jubilee Trading Co
  • Added two more part-time artisan partners
  • Created approximately 3,654 hours of work among 6 artisan partners
  • Our partners made 1750 items just for Jubilee Trading Co.
  • Ordered $21,562.90 of goods from our partners, all of that money going back into their communities through sourcing local materials.
  • Kept our partners working when a second low tourist season would have been severely detrimental
  • Began offering wholesale and now partner with independent retailers to widen our impact
  • Finally met in person! Stephanie made a trip to Morocco in November to visit our partners and learn more about how our work together can impact lives 

Thank you for your support in our continued effort to make the world a better place, one intentional purchase at a time.

Elevated goods for an elevated life

Stephanie + Team Jubilee


Jubilee Trading Co Morocco Team

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