TOGETHER WE RISEJubilee Trading Co. artisan partners

Jubilee Trading Co. is a non-profit organization supporting artisans both locally and globally.  Our mission is to foster hope and resilience by creating opportunity and empowerment through dignified, sustainable work,  With every purchase you make with us, you get to play a part in that story!

Our storefront in Lawrenceburg, TN opened in July of 2023, but the organization began in 2015 when Founder Stephanie Edwards was unemployed during the recession and began selling art online on Etsy.  This morphed into Highland Ridge Decor, making metal art with her Dad. What is now Jubilee Trading Co. formed in 2019 as she partnered with leather craftsmen in Morocco who needed a better sales outlet for their work.

2023 brought lots of changes to Jubilee.  The business became a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization and moved from Stephanie’s home attic studio and rented a 6,000 sq ft warehouse in Lawrenceburg, TN.  With the new space they began offering third-party logistics (3PL) services to other global handmade brands who need a US-based fulfillment team.  Jubilee also opened a retail storefront at this location to showcase their goods to the community.

The warehouse now serves 5 artisan brands that collectively employ more than 250 artisans, and the retail storefront is able to support more brands by buying their goods to sell to our customers.  We are honored to be able to serve so many people around the world from our small town in Tennessee, and are excited to see the impact grow!


Ancient Jewish tradition maintained a regular Year of Jubilee.  Here, God declares a time of redemption and restoration, when slaves are to be set free, debts erased, and people are given a new start. It is a time of celebration and liberty, enjoying a year of blessing after generous provision. 

We hope that our work creating good jobs with fair wages does the same for our partners.  Our prayer is that because of the opportunities created by this business, people are able to live free from debt, enjoy bounty, and share generously.

Join us in jubilee as lives are elevated!




Stephanie Edwards, founder of Jubilee Trading Co.