2023 Impact Report


We had an exciting year as a brand! After 2022’s economic shift we saw a lot of other businesses like ours shutting their doors because of a lack of sales. Because of some new opportunities, Jubilee’s work in Morocco actually increased significantly! This is a huge praise. We’re excited for the impact that this means, and look forward to leveraging more opportunities to a similar end in the coming year.

Spent $35,443.78 directly with our partners in Morocco (37% increase YOY)

Hours employed - 4967 (38% increase YOY)

Number of products made - 2,554 (61% increase YOY)



We launched our warehouse in 2023, signing our lease in February. This warehouse not only houses our brands (Jubilee Trading Co. + Highland Ridge Decor), but we opened up our space to house other global e-commerce brands. We operate as a third-party distribution center for brands based around the world who need better stateside support.

We now serve 5 brands in our warehouse to support their sales. Some of these brands were relying on family and friends volunteering to ship orders, and some were needing to re-orient to a more sustainable solution as finances got tight for us all in the last 2 years, but all are global handmade brands making the world a better place through job creation for their employees. It’s been an honor to come alongside those brands and support their work!

It’s so beautiful to know that from a small town in Tennessee we can support not only our 6 artisans in Morocco, but now 287 MORE artisans through stateside support of other brands. That’s a 47x greater impact!!

This also meant our team went from shipping 3,527 orders in 2022 to shipping 9,745 in 2023, nearly 3x our previous norm! This took our very part-time team in 2022 to working full-time, bringing stability not only to our partners, but also to our stateside team.


Jubilee went from supporting 6 global artisans in 2022 to 293 in 2023 through fulfillment partnerships



Through this warehouse work, we also began a transition employment partnership with our local domestic abuse women’s shelter, employing women in the shelter as they move toward a more stable situation.

These ladies work on projects like folding tea towels and cleaning our metal art to prep goods for shipping. We had one woman employed through that partnership in 2023, and it has been beautiful to see how her life has changed over the last 6 months. We look forward to growing that partnership in 2024!



We opened a retail storefront at our warehouse location in Lawrenceburg, TN! That wasn’t even in the plans for 2023, but it’s been a joy to share our work with our community and be able to support other like-minded brands in buying their goods for our store.

In 2023 we spent $9,192.71 with 26 other other USA and global handmade brands through our store. These brands represent approx. 550 additional artisans touched by our support!


We cannot thank you enough for your love + support. We could not do what we do without you. Lives are changed every day around the world + in our local community because of you and your intentionality to shop with us. Thank you for purchasing with purpose, thank you for making a difference in the lives of others!  - Stephanie

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