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Stephanie Edwards here, founder of Jubilee Trading Co.

We are on the exciting journey of building an ethical trade business, but it all started from a struggle that I'm sure you can relate to: trying to find inspiration and purpose in my every day.

I'm sure you've been there, or are there now: stuck in a monotonous routine, most of your day is planned around someone else's needs, and time is a bit of a blur of the same thing on repeat.

As a busy mom working from home, I began being much more intentional with my decor purchases because I spent a lot of time in my home with those purchases staring back at me. While I did not have much control over my day while wrangling two kids under two, I did have control over what went on my walls; and when my space was serene and inspiring, my day felt that way, too!

Have you been there? When you realize that, as petty as it sounds, small details like having a pretty bowl to toss your keys into can brighten your day? That was me.

I started a journey of wanting to make high quality pieces to serve my customers well and brighten their day. But that wasn't enough. I also had a deep desire for these items to have a bigger purpose than being beautiful and inspiring, to impact more than just you and me.

Much of the world is still developing, and while here in the US there are plenty of jobs to go around, an opportunity to work at a dignified, well-paying job is something we take for granted. Jubilee Trading Co. serves not only our customers, but our artisans as well by simply being an outlet to sell their goods and make a living wage doing the things they do best.

Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. My prayer is for this company to stand in that gap.

I think that this added layer of impact makes our items that much more inspiring. Each of these unique handmade goods are part of a bigger picture by employing a deserving, skilled artisan. Your purchase brightens their day as they are able to work and provide for their families. Your purchase brightens my day because I get to keep doing what I love. And that all happens before you even receive your happy mail and get to enjoy your beautifully made item for years to come.

I am so excited about Jubilee Trading Co. and what the possibilities are from here. Thank you for joining our journey!  You can view all of our items here.




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