Our Business Practices

We believe that the way we show up in this world matters.  That's why we make the effort to be intentional about all of our actions and the impact that each decision has.  This can be as simple as remembering our reusable grocery bags or as complex as running an international trade business.

Yes, we are imperfect, but by showing up every day with the best of intentions, a lot of good things really can happen.


The word “ethical” can mean a lot of things to different people.  To us, ethical trade involves looking at all of the pieces of the puzzle.  Ethical trade promotes inclusive practices, safe working conditions, fair pay, and the preservation of traditional techniques. At Jubilee Trading Co., we recognize that everything we do impacts other human beings and the planet, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Therefore, our ethics are based on reciprocal benefits and mutual respect. With every decision, we try to honor the people and partnerships involved (our suppliers, our team, as well as our customers), the planet we operate on, the purpose of the mission and, of course, profit.  This is a business, after all.


A fair wage properly honors the maker.  It accounts for the time and skill involved in making each item, the cost of materials, and local cost of living.  This typically means that the person is able to cover their basic needs including food, shelter, education and healthcare for their families--the same things you want from your paycheck. Paying fair wages does not necessarily mean that products cost the consumer more--it often means that there are no exploitative middle people, which is better for everyone!  Living wages vary among regions of the world, so there is no set percentage standard.  We work to listen and learn from our partners, setting prices based on dialogue, transparency, and respect as opposed to marketplace competition and profits first.


While we do support charities through our profits, Jubilee Trading Co. is a for-profit business.  This means that your purchase promotes a positive and long-term partnership that is self-sufficient.  We believe that buying goods from producers at a fair price is more efficient and dignified than handouts, and promotes more sustainable development than charity alone. With every purchase, you are a part of that lasting change.


We value community over competition and see the world as an interconnected web as opposed to defined by political borders.  Our Moroccan partners are just as dear to us as our local American business partners.  As our Moroccan partners are more successful, the American side of our business is also more successful, allowing us to contract more jobs in both locations, elevating lives around the world.  A rising tide lifts all boats, and we celebrate that.


While our goods are handmade in Morocco, they are housed in Tennessee, USA, and ship within 5 business days, usually arriving to domestic customers within 3-5 days.


Thank you for being a part of this journey.  As a business, we are nothing without customers.  YOU are why this model works, YOU are making this world a better place with your purchase.

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